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Can I remove it easily?

Removing your Tourtop is very simple. 8 screws need to be loosened on the outside & the gas struts and security straps need to be disconnected on the inside. Then simply slide or lift the entire Tourtop with the help of a 2nd person. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes if you are prepared.

What is the hauling capacity of the Tourtop?

550lbs dynamic load. We would recommend loading heavy loads closer to the front to ensure better weight distribution on your vehicle.

Can I fit the Tourtop myself?

Yes! Fitment is simple and we have fitment instruction available. You will need a buddy to help you and some basic tools (13 and 10mm wrench, no. 4 allen key, screw drivers, etc.). Full fitment takes about an hour.

Do I need to drill any holes for fitment?

In most cases, no. On most truck models we use the existing threaded holes or track systems which makes fitment much easier and ensures dynamic loads are secure. Some vehicles with no easy-to-access threaded holes require drilling and Plus-nuts, but we made sure that it’s a simple process. See your vehicle product page for fitment instructions.

Can I keep my Roll Bar?

The quick answer is yes, but we would advise against it. Modern roll bars are purely for show and limit the “load-ability” of the Tourtop considerably. There are hundreds of different roll bars on the market, which makes it difficult to accommodate all of them. To find out whether you can keep your rollbar and fit a Smartop, send us an email with the exact specs to .

Can I fit accessories from other brands (Like Thule, etc.)?

Yes! The beauty of the Tourtop is that you can fasten anything to it if you can use an M8 or 5/16” bolt. Some accessories have specific fasteners which might look like they won’t work, but we have a range of adapters available. So yes, you can fit your Thule Proride® bike holders to the Tourtop rack (Using adapters). Have a look at our gallery to get an idea of what has been done before.

Is the Tourtop 100% secure?

Yes. The Tourtop has two built-in locks that use a common key. You would need to lock your tailgate to ensure your belongings are 100% safe. There are security straps that can only be accessed from inside – so even if the security-pin TORX screws are removed from the hinges you cannot remove the Smartop from the bed without accessing the tailgate.

Can I load a roof top tent onto the Tourtop?

Yes. We suggest putting a set of our load bars on top of the Tourtop and then mounting the tent onto the load bars to give some extra height (we have everything you need to do the fitment). If you would like your Tourtop to open while having the tent mounted, simply mount the tent at least 300mm from the rear window of your truck.

Can I mount an Awning onto the Tourtop?

Yes. Smaller awnings work well. We suggest mounting it at the back to give you some shade when your Tourtop is open. See our gallery on the Homepage for photos of this setup.

What is a T-slot?

The Tourtop has T-slots to fit accessories above and below, but what exactly is a T-slot? A T-slot is a channel that holds a bolt or nut in place so you can fasten something to it and move it around along the channel to use the best location for your accessories. The more T-slots you have, the easier it is to fasten accessories onto the cover in a variety of configurations and combinations.

Can I use Load Bars on the Tourtop?

Yes! The Tourtop has 17 T-slots already built into the cover itself, so you normally do not need load bars. However, if you need to raise a tent up higher or mount a kayak at an angle, we have load bars of various heights available. Or mount your own if you already have some bed bars! If your existing bars have a flat foot and bolt holes, chances are you can make them work on the Tourtop.

How waterproof and dustproof is it?

When installed correctly you should have no water or dust intrusion from the Tourtop in a car wash or driving in heavy rainstorms or dusty roads. The Tourtop has a heavy duty 1.5” wide EPDM rubber seal that runs the entire perimeter of the bed sides, front and back. IP66-Rated compression locks ensure a positive seal when calibrated correctly.

However, the Tourtop seals so well that it creates a low-pressure environment inside the bed while driving, causing any OEM-factory gaps and holes to allow dust (and in some cases, water drops) to be sucked in through those gaps. To address this, we suggest adding an aftermarket tailgate seal kit to your truck bed.

What is the coating on a Tourtop?

The Tourtop is finished with a lightly textured matte-finish powder coat. You can touch-up heavy wear or blemishes with a spray-on paint from your hardware store that matches very well. Contact us for details.

Can you open and close the tailgate without opening a Tourtop?

Yes, just open the compression locks first. Because Tourtop Platform covers rest on top of the truck sides and tailgate you can still open and close your tailgate while the cover is closed. Because the compression locks pre-load the rubber seal you may need to open the compression locks first. Auto opening the tailgate via key fob may not work under heavy load configurations as the tailgate will be supporting some of the weight.

Can I stand of walk on the Tourtop?

Please do, it was designed for it. Keep in mind the cover is supported along the perimeter. If you have the tailgate open, step up/down closer to the corners, not in the middle.

Do you have local install centers or stocking dealers near me?

We are working on that! Have a look at our dealer map to find your local dealer. Dealer installation costs vary by dealer.

Does the Tourtop ship with all its weatherstrip already on?

Yes. The main heavy duty rubber seal is already fitted to the Tourtop. Depending on your truck model you might need to apply vinyl foam weatherstripping to close unwanted gaps along the bulkhead of the truck bed. This will be included in your installation kit.

Can you ship it to my house?

Absolutely. The Tourtop ships via road freight and our price includes delivery to your home. For some rural/remote addresses or where truck access is very limited a surcharge may apply. Delivery signature will be required so plan to be home and track your shipment progress. The freight carrier will call ahead to ensure someone is home before attempting to deliver.

Sublime simplicity. Load up whatever, wherever, how ever. If you can bolt it down, it can be done. Tourtop is the new standard for a useful bed cover.

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Welcome to the #tourtop family ! 

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We were honored to be invited to the new Tacoma first-look event and happy to report the Tourtop for the new Tacoma will be available this year - no market adjustments on our pricing :)

But we are kidding - we don’t get invitations to new vehicle launches (yet). Thanks @tacomabeast for the image!

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